Ing.-Büro Horst Kleibrink VDI (english)

 Ing. Horst Kleibrink VDI         40  Years

     Engineering & Consulting                          Research &   

         Mülheim an der Ruhr / Germany                                                  Development

  • Diaphragm compressors:               
  • Further developments by myself / calculations / design / failure diagnosis / modifications
  • Piston compressors:                    
  • Calculations / design / failure diagnosis / modifications
  • High pressure valves:                    
  • Further developments by myself / calculations / design
  • Autoclaves and stirrers:          
  • Calculations / design / modifications
  • Isostatic presses:            
  • Modifications
  • Complete high pressure units: 
  • Calculations / design / modifications
  • Crankcases:
  • Calculations / design of crankshaft and plain bearings /  failure diagnosis / modifications
  • Measurements and tests 
  • with failure analysis for compressors by computer based results
  • Fatigue limit analysis     
  • by parts of high-pressure-technics with fatigue- or alternating load
  • Expansion measurements                    
  • for support of fatigue analysis
  • Stress analysis for steel-construction: 
  • Space frame structure
  • PLC - Control-Systems:          
  • Complete compressor control system / trouble control system for diaphragm compressors. Implementation of “zerol-men-control” and for reduction of the maintenance costs
  • PC - PLC Combinations: 
  • Telecontrolled via modem from the machine to the supplier ‘s PC  /
  • transmission of working-diagrams with failure diagnosis






Consulting for Manufacturers and Users

Project Consulting for Selection of Diaphragm Compressors

Improvements of existing Compressor Systems (all manufacturers)

Defect analysis using modern Computer-Measurements (all compressor manufacturers)



left :

Defect analysis of

Diaphragm Compressor

Working Diagram:

nominal and actual values with analysis)



Remote-Control systems for Compressors by Modem Transmission ( Hard- und Software )

Modern PLC-Control Systems for automatically self-controlled Diaphragm Compressors

Consulting and Servicing for Manufacturing and Maintenance of High-Pressure Systems (Service through SMK)

License placing


Service / Modifications / Utilization of self-developments through :


Ing.-Büro Horst Kleibrink VDI

     Rolf Oppallach  GbR

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